Pedicure Slippers


Foam slippers come in packs of 12 pairs
Paper slippers come in packs of 25 pairs

Style Guide:

  • Pre-folded: Standard mixed color pre-folded foam slippers packed together in 1 pack
  • Individually packed: Mixed color foam slipper where each pair within the pack is individually packed
  • Webbed Bottom: The bottom of the slipper has a webbed texture instead of smooth for a better grip
  • Black Bottom: Mixed color slipper with black sewn-on strap and all black webbed bottom
  • Unfolded: Mixed color foam slipper that’s unassembled
  • Black: All black slippers with sewn-on strap with webbed bottom and each pair individually packed
  • Flower: Pre-folded mixed color foam slippers with flower print, packed together in 1 bag
  • Paper: Cost-effective white paper slippers

Note: All styles except black slippers come 30 packs (360 pairs) in a case. Black slippers come 40 packs (480 pairs) per case.


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