Lucas-Cide – Pink – 32oz

LUCAS-CIDE™ Salon & Spa Sanitizer & Disinfectant has the highest available germ-killing power of any competitive product in the industry, scientifically proven to kill 75 known pathogens. When properly mixed to 660 parts per million, it kills the broadest spectrum of disease-causing single cell organisms including staph, strep, hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, herpes and HIV. Sanitize, disinfects and helps stop the spread of contagions on any surface or implement in your salon or spa including: nail implements, pedicure whirlpools, chairs, shears, brushes, combs, counters, styling tools, massage tables and showers.  It also has the lowest cost per use in the industry (1 gallon of concentrate makes 256 gallons!)

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